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I'm In Stitches!, Issue #0014-- Busy Crochet Days
February 07, 2008

February 6th 2008 - Issue # 14

In this issue you'll find...

  • What's Up?
  • Woolcrafting Update
  • Crochet Chat
  • Denver Creative Festival
  • Hi there,

    A Happy New Year to you! It seems like ages since I last wrote to you. It IS ages. My apologies for that.

    That doesn't mean I haven't been busy...on the contrary, I've been practically run off my feet.

    What's Up?

    Since the last newsletter I've had my parents visit from England for 2 weeks, my 40th Birthday, my Dad's Birthday, Christmas, a visit from my Mother-in-law, my eldest son's 5th Birthday and his party.

    Among all that my 2 boys and I all got the flu (Hubby thankfully escaped it). I won a runner up prize in my website hosts contest to design a set of banners, had to learn how to use Photoshop and have all those submitted to them by the end of January.

    I've had deadlines for submissions all over the place as well as having to make a project to be included in the Summer 2008 issue of Interweave Crochet - yup - I was lucky enough to have another design accepted. How long will this last, I ask myself?

    Phew - so things have finally slowed down...or have they? Well, that all depends whether more designs are accepted, and whether I have a book to write. Hopefully I'll get to hear from the publishers this week, so I'll keep you posted there.

    Oh - another thing - my Hubby decided he wanted to apply to go on "Survivor", so we had to make a video of him, etc. I'll let you know if they contact him.

    Woolcrafting Update

    As far as the site now have the option to contribute a page to I've added 2 pages with invitations for you to submit either a review of your favorite crochet book, or a picture and comments about a pattern of mine you may have tried or, a technique you have used from the site.

    There are a couple of reviews here already - you can read and comment, or even recommend your best crochet book to other readers. Why not join in the fun here. We'd all love to hear about some great sources for new ideas, patterns, etc.

    If you'd rather check out the things visitors have been making, then you'll want to stop by the Crochet Project Gallery. There are already a few pictures here too. Feel free to check them out, leave comments or even add your own page to the site for all to see. You can then send friends and family to see your page on

    Crochet Chat

    In case you haven't seen it yet, grab a copy of the Winter issue of Interweave Crochet. It's got some really interesting designs in (including my felted crochet messenger bag with needle felted flower design).

    This issue celebrates Irish Crochet and floral type designs. I was particularly interested in the "Stone Path Hat" (crochet cables), the "Melange Turtleneck" (a neat combination of knit and crochet), the "Infinity Wrap" (quite fascinating) and the "Pure Poinsettia Tunic" too.

    Denver Creative Festival

    I Managed to get to the Denver Creative Festival this weekend. It was interesting, but strangely enough there were only a handful of booths which sold yarns. Granted they were beautiful yarns, but also quite pricey.

    Mostly the show involved sewing, quilting and embroidery, with some pattern drafting, needle and wet felting and jewelry thrown in for good measure. There were fashion shows and workshops going on during the event, but I didn't indulge in any this year and enjoyed browsing and designing in my head instead.

    It's always fun to "people watch" at these events, as folks inevitably wear or carry something they have made. I did both - I wore a mohair/wool jacket I knitted a while ago, carried a crocheted felted bag which is not yet shown on Woolcrafting (but may be at a later date), and I wore a pendant I made just a couple of weeks ago (I took a "wire wrapping" class locally and loved it - I just can't resist trying something new now and then).

    So, all in all a very busy time. I hope you've had plenty of time to enjoy some crochet and felting fun too.

    Next issue let's chat about this years yarn and color trends, as well as some Fall Fashions you can expect to see.

    If you think a friend might be interested in this ezine, they can subscribe by visiting

    Comments? Ideas? Suggestions? Feedback? Sock it to me! Let me know just what you'd like to see by replying to this ezine - tell me what you think.

    Happy crafting, and please drop by regularly to see what fun new ideas Woolcrafting has in store for you.

    Now grab that hook and go, go, go....

    Best Wishes
    from Jill Wright

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