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I'm In Stitches!, Issue #005 -- Yarn Search - available any time.
January 06, 2007
Easy Instructions, Best Results!

At find explanations and pictures easy enough for even the most nervous beginner to follow. You'll be creating wonderful pieces in no time. Just take your time, take it all in, ask questions if you need to, then give it a try. I'm sure you'll soon be 'hooked'!

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January 5th 2006 - Issue # 5

In this issue you'll find...
  • Yarn Search - Find What You Need
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Want To Teach Crochet?
  • Tip of the Month
  • Let's take a look...

    Hope you all had a wonderful festive season, whatever you may celebrate.

    Oh my - what a busy month December is. I made the mistake of leaving a lot of my shopping to the last minute.

    Instead of being all organized as I usually am, we were racing around the weekend before Christmas, battling through feet of snow and icy roads to get to stores packed to the hilt with other frustrated shoppers.

    To that I say, "never again!" I vow to be more organized again next year, but it is very difficult with 2 little guys and no babysitter.

    Anyway - all was well & we had fun. I hope you did too.

    Yarn Search - Find What You Need

    I want to tell you about a wonderful service I found online. It's a yarn search directory called Yarndex. You can select several categories to narrow down your yarn search, including Brand, Weight, Fiber Content, Texture, Color Family, Color Name, Color Number and Yarn Name.

    Once you've made your selections hit "Go" and it searches for all the keywords you selected. The results give you your required information. The next pages tell you just what you need to know, even whether the yarn is still available or discontinued. This is especially useful if you're tring to track down a yarn you need to complete an unfinished project. It's also interesting if you're looking specifically for a certain fiber.

    There are tons of choices. Why not go there & check it out and try a yarn search or two - you never know what you might find.

    Fingerless Gloves

    Just to let you know my newest free pattern is for fingerless gloves. My nieces modeled them for me & just loved them, so I instantly knew what their gifts should be.

    They're so easy you can make a pair in a couple of hours (depending how fast a crocheter you are). They are easily adjusted to different sizes too. A little fancy and great for girls young or older. Check them out. I'll bet you'll be making more than one pair.

    Want To Teach Crochet?

    Have you ever thought about teaching crochet? Well, now you can earn a certification which will allow you to teach at craft stores and even set up and market your own classes.

    Interested? Well then, you'll have to contact the Craft Yarn Council. They're offering a course through the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

    You don't live in New York? Not a problem - you can do the course by correspondence. You need to have Advanced Beginner skills and the enthusiasm to teach. There are 3 levels - Instructor, Teacher and Professional.

    Wouldn't you love to teach a craft you love? Now's your opportunity. They also run the same course for knitting teachers too. Why not take a look, and maybe take the plunge? Do yourself a favor - improve your skills and gain valuable higher education about something you love. You simply can't go wrong.

    Tip of the Month

    Do you have yarn overflowing from bags, stuffed in closets, storage boxes, etc.? You can't find what you want to work with, as you can't remember which box or bag it's in? That was me! What did I do to sort it out?

    I bought hanging sweater storage units and arranged my yarn in them. They're conveniently divided into 6 squares about 12 inches deep.

    Depending what yarn you have you can display your larger skeins just one deep. I've arranged mine so I have 2 layers deep of eyelash yarn. I just packed them in loose towards the back, then at the front packed them in bags so that I can quickly pull out the bag in the front to see what's behind.

    Easy! It's so great to be able to see what I have, therefore I'm more likely to use it than forget about it, or be put off by having to dig through box after bag.

    Took me a while to find this, but I'm so pleased I did. You can either hang them in a closet or I have mine laid down and stacked one on top of another right now - just like blocks in a yarn store.

    They're inexpensive compared to most types of storage and they fold down to virtually nothing should you manage to use up your stash. (Laughs uncontrollably...)

    I love mine as now I can see my stash and decide what to do without emptying bags or boxes all over the floor to find just the right color combinations.

    That has to be part of my New Years Resolution - try to be more tidy and organized. Wonder if I'll manage it?? I will if you will.

    Still working on getting some video ready for teaching stitching methods.

    I'm anticipating some video input around the end of January early February - so stay tuned! But for this edition...That's all folks!

    Comments? Ideas? Suggestions? Feedback? Sock it to me! I'd love to hear what you have to say. Just reply to this ezine and tell me what you think.

    Happy crafting, and please drop by regularly to see what fun new ideas Woolcrafting has in store for you.

    Now grab that hook and go, go, go....

    Best Wishes
    from Jill Wright

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