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I'm In Stitches!, Issue #003 -- Yarn Crazy - are you guilty too?
November 03, 2006
Easy Instructions, Best Results!

At find explanations and pictures easy enough for even the most nervous beginner to follow. You'll be creating wonderful pieces in no time. Just take your time, take it all in, ask questions if you need to, then give it a try. I'm sure you'll soon be 'hooked'!

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November 3rd 2006 - Issue # 3

In this issue you'll find...
  • Halloween Fun!
  • What's New At
  • Yarn Crazy - another place I found discount yarns
  • Better Homes & Gardens - Simply Creative Crochet Magazine
  • Tip of the Month
  • Here we are at the beginning of another month. My how time flies - I must be really enjoying myself!

    Halloween Fun!

    We had carved a pumpkin we got at the Pumpkin Patch earlier in October. I'm almost afraid to say it was the very first pumpkin I'd ever carved. We had bought a carving kit and didn't the boys just want THE most ornate picture in the book - an owl swooping down to catch its prey.

    Oh my - it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it might be, as there were templates to follow (thankfully), though I have to say I don't like cleaning the seeds and the middle mush out of pumpkins.

    We just went Trick or Treating on Halloween. We only go to a strip mall nearby which has all the stores open for the festivities. It's a really busy night and ALWAYS very cold.

    My boys were dressed as Spiderman and a Frog. My eldest wanted me to be a skeleton, so we found the closest thing in my size - a zombie! Very fetching!

    This Zombie costume had the whole 'skeleton chest' printed on the suit, so he was happy. I was happy that it was another layer to wear, as it was so freezing cold. I already had a wool sweater & a down jacket on & was still cold - it was 27F when we got back to the car. Brrrrrrrrrrr!

    We did the rounds and then went to a restaurant which was right there in the mall. A nice way to end off the fun.

    What's New At

    October brought 9 new pages. Here they are...

    I whipped up a felted potholder for a neighbor who invited us to her barbeque, and thought you might like it.

    Next a ripple hat pattern came to mind, so I wrote that up for you too.

    Of course, you can't have a ripple hat without a matching scarf!

    Then I was inspired to work out a pumpkin pattern. He's so cute - works for earrings, pendant or just a decoration depending what thread or yarn you use. I had to make 2 samples, as my boys fought over the first one I made.

    Next I put up my very first "for sale" pattern - a baby sleepsuit for use in the car seat or stroller. Check out the page for more details.

    After that - I thought you might need some more information pages, so I worked on a page about crochet in rows and another about crochet in rounds.

    Then came an easy thread bracelet pattern, as I just can't resist designing.

    And lastly a page about acrylic - just so you have some background information about its qualities and how it's made.

    And that's it for new pages last month. Hope you're interested in checking them out.

    Yarn Crazy! - Another Place I Found Discount Yarns

    Yarn Crazy? Yes - that's me! I can't resist checking out yarn - no matter where I find it. Of course just last month there was a Yarn Sale at Michaels so I just HAD to go and check it out.

    I have to admit though, that I'm a bit of a yarn miser too. That is - I love the fancy yarns, but don't like to pay the prices. Imagine my delight when I found out that "Big Lots!" - a discount store - stocked yarn.

    I arranged to go with my neighbor (who spins, weaves, knits, etc.), so hopefully I'd be able to have a decent look, as I have to take my boys with me. I called her that morning & she couldn't go! Hmph!

    I went alone! I found the yarn very quickly after entering the store (15 month olds & almost 4 yr olds don't have much of an attention span so I knew I had to move quickly).

    I was so enamored with it I had to call my neighbor to see what she wanted. There was sooooooo much that was so yummy! I was like a mad woman - tossing yarn into the cart here & there, by the handful. I really was yarn crazy! I had to stop when I realized I was almost burying my son! At $1 a skein - I couldn't resist!

    What is it for? Well I don't have all of it earmarked for use yet, but who does? I'll be making lots of scarves for a local Craft Fair at the beginning of December. Maybe my Mom will want some yarn too. BUT I'd better get some used up by the time she comes to visit, as I've no doubt we'll be going back there again! Oh my! EVEN MORE YARN CRAZY! FUN, FUN, FUN!

    Better Homes & Gardens - "Simply Creative Crochet" Magazine

    I do hope you can find this magazine on the shelves of your local store!

    I don't usually buy much in the way of magazines - don't get time to read them, as I usually prefer making than reading. But, occasionally I find a gem, and I think this is one.

    It says on the front there's 49 original designs and the funny thing is I actually like most of them. I find that very unusual, as normally I like maybe less than half of the featured patterns.

    There's some fun articles about books, products and events, tapestry crochet, as well as the basics. There are 10 sweaters, some toys, knick knacks for dressing up gifts, afghans, trims and even some jewelery.

    It's jam packed with stuff to crochet in all kinds of yarns. Bet you can find something you'd like to use up part of your stash.

    I can't tell if it's a regular occurrence, or what, but it says it's for 2006 and should be displayed until January 9th 2007 in case you're interested. Only US$5.99 and worth it, I'd say!

    Tip of the Month

    If you do find a magazine you like - it is well worth subscribing. You can save a lot of money by signing up for a subscription as opposed to buying individual copies at the store - some give as much as 30% - 40% discounts to lock you in. You don't have to keep them coming.

    They always send bills, but you really don't HAVE to renew - make sure you keep good records or they may trick you into another year before you've even finished one full year.

    I've actually had Vogue Knitting International magazine send me books on approval - if I don't want to buy I just send the books back (they pay the return shipping), and they sent me a free book just for looking. I have another book coming for approval & another free book, just for previewing.

    If you keep a good record of what you've done & dates, etc., then you can easily manage to get a few free books, just for checking out other books. You still have to resist the temptation to buy though.

    The first book I looked at I really liked, & was very tempted, but the very next day sent me an email saying they had the same book at about 35% off, so I sent the approval book back!

    Always double check whether you can get it cheaper somewhere else!

    Well - here we are at the end of another newsletter. Hope you've enjoyed this one. I really just get carried away as I type! The same thing happens when I write my annual Christmas letter to family members & friends - I could go on so much longer, but I have to save something for next time.

    Between now and the end of the year, I'll be trying to figure out how to get videos on site, about stitches, etc. I think that would be a very useful tool for all visitors to Stay tuned for progress reports.

    Comments? Ideas? Suggestions? Feedback? Sock it to me! I'd love to hear what you have to say. Just reply to this ezine and tell me what you think.

    Happy crafting, and please drop by regularly to see what fun new ideas Woolcrafting has in store for you.

    Now grab that hook and go, go, go....

    Best Wishes
    from Jill Wright

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