Crochet In Rounds

Crochet in rounds

Have you tried to crochet in rounds yet? I was first taught to work in rounds on granny squares. I don't remember the first thing I made, just that it was a granny square.

Working in rounds just means that instead of working back and forth in a straight row, you work around one central point. No need to flip your work over - the stitches are most often worked all from the same side.

Usually items work in rounds are started by crocheting several chains which you join with a slip stitch. The first row is then worked around that base ring.

You can work many shapes in rounds - squares, circles, hexagons, octagons, stars. The shapes are formed by the way the increases are worked.

Some shapes which you crochet in rounds will be designed to lay flat, like doilies or afghans. Others are designed to have 3 dimensional shape - like hats and toys.

Crochet in rounds

When you work all the way around a shape you will have worked one round. Patterns will usually tell you how many stitches you should have on each round.

When you crochet in rounds you should push your hook through the hole which sits to the right of the stitch below. You'll find this is the opposite of working in rows.

You will usually find that you should join a round by working a slip stitch into the last of the starting chains for that round.

You can work several shapes and join them together to form something else like my granny square felted bag.

Or you might prefer to crochet in rounds continually and work an afghan all in one go, like my octagon baby afghan.

Working in rounds can be really fun, but it's sometimes quite a challenge to design that way, especially if you want the resulting piece to lay flat. Sometimes you just need to block it lightly and it's fine.

Try working my ripple hat pattern for something that's 3 dimensional and worked in rounds. Notice the difference between this pattern and ones crocheted to lay flat.

There are so many things you can make when you crochet in rounds. What can you think of that could be crocheted in rounds? Dishcloths, potholders, coasters, placemats, rugs, ponchos, to name just a few.

Have fun crocheting around!

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