by Jill Thompson
(Dubuque Iowa)

The Cozee Lapghan

The Cozee Lapghan

Cozee's provide warmth, comfort and dignity to children and adults confined to wheelchairs.

Cozee's provides crocheted, knitted or sewn lapghans, shawls, totes, capelets and slippers. These items are donated to local nursing homes, area residential facilities, human services facilities for disabled children and adults and private individuals. Cozee's also takes online requests.

Cozee's was started because of a need of my own daughter who has profound Cerebral Palsy. She gets cold easily and a full size blanket was difficult to tuck into a wheelchair plus it would get tangled in the wheels.

I designed a lap robe (lapghan) with ties that secure the lapghan to the wheelchair and they're made on a smaller scale to fit children's chairs or made to fit adult chairs.

Once other parent's saw the lapghan, they wanted one too and that's how the charity started and has grown ever since. It has also grown to include other much needed items that those confined to wheelchairs can really use.

Women all over the country have donated to Cozee's and in 2009 Cozee's started it's first chapter!

For further information and pictures of all the donations, please visit:

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