Super Easy Felt Projects!
Try Them Out!

Do you want some easy felt projects so you can try a new craft? You do? Well - you've come to the right place! I'll be going over some great projects suitable for the beginner. You should check out the page on wool felt beads first, as that's probably the easiest place to start. Then come back here and try putting something together!

Okay - let's say you've checked out how to make ropes and beads and you have some ready to play with. Read through this whole page then decide exactly what you want to do.

One of your first easy felt projects can be a teddy bear!

You will need the following...

  • a large felt bead (body)
  • a medium felt bead (head)
  • a small felt bead (ears)
  • a felt rope about 4 inches long (arms & legs)
  • a cool glue gun and some glue sticks, or a thick craft glue
  • a little piece of yarn or ribbon (collar)

felted teddy bear

Use a large bead as the teddy bear body, short pieces of rope for the arms and legs. Use a medium bead for the head, and cut a small bead in half for ears.

Glue only two pieces together at a time and let them dry before adding more parts. Add a tiny piece of thin ribbon around its neck or a bow made with yarn and ...voila!...the first of your easy felt projects is done!

You could also...

  • glue your teddy bear to a barrette or comb
  • glue a pin to the back to wear it as a brooch
  • stitch him to a felted wool purse you made
  • make dangling teddy bear earrings

To make the earrings you'd also need... earwires, some seed beads, a needle and some thread (either use your thread double or use clear jewellery thread).

Here's how to attach the bear to earrings...Before glueing on his head...

  1. Push the threaded needle from his neck up through the top of the bears head (sounds painful, I know) and pull it right through, leaving a tail of thread long enough to tie off at the bottom.
  2. Add 4 seed beads onto the needle, take the needle throughthe earwire loop, then add 3 more seed beads.
  3. Then, going back down through the FIRST bead push the needle back through the head to the bottom (neck end).
  4. Pull the thread tight and tie off the ends. Cut the finished ends short so that they won't be seen once the head is glued on.
  5. Repeat for the other earring.
So - that's 4 different ideas for just one bear!

What if you're not into teddy bears? You can just string your beads together to make a necklace or bracelet. You can coil up and stitch or glue your rope together to make a snail, a snake or just some buttons.

So many ideas so little time for these easy felt projects. Okay - for more practical easy felt projects, how about making wool felt insoles, or a wool felt door stop?

Interested? Here we go then...

You will need...

  • a rounded rock about 4 inches across or larger
  • a couple of ounces of wool fiber
  • a smooth cotton cloth or teatowel
  • soap, water, a washboard or some bubble wrap, and your hands

To start creating you should...

  1. Wash any dirt off your rock and leave it wet.
  2. Divide your fiber into 4 pieces and tease them so they are large enough to wrap right around and totally cover the rock.
  3. Layer each teased piece on top of the next so the layers of fiber are at right-angles to one another - 4 layers. (See this page for how to layer fiber.)
  4. Place the rock in the center of the fiber pile and close the fibers around it. Be sure the whole rock is covered as evenly as possible.
  5. Place the fiber wrapped rock in the center of your smooth cotton cloth and gather it around your rock. Tie it off tightly with a rubber band or string.
  6. Dunk your rock package into hot soapy water and push in against your rock until you can feel the fiber start to shrink against the rock and the fiber becomes smooth.
  7. Once the wool is tight to the rock, remove the cloth and rub the wool-covered rock against a washboard or bubble wrap to shrink and harden the felt.
  8. Keep checking to be sure the felt is even. If you need to, add a little more soap and keep rubbing.
  9. When you're satisfied that your door stop is done (fiber felted and hardened), rinse out the soap and allow it to dry.


Want to try making felted snakes now? If you fancy an animal door stop as one of your easy felt projects you can choose a rock the shape of a turtle. Use a light colored fiber underneath and a dark one on the top. Use wool felt rope lengths for the legs and a large oval bead for the head. Stitch beads on for the eyes.

Your imagination can go wild with easy felt projects, creating fanciful animals or just sticking to the basic ones you know. Just think about the shapes you can use for different animal parts then shape the felted fiber to fit your project. Wool fiber is pretty cheap and you can get quite a lot of pieces, beads or ropes out of just 2 ounces.

What are you waiting for? Go and find some fiber and give some easy felt projects a try! Have fun crafting!

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