Crafting For Profit.
Make Money From Something You Love.

Are you interested in crafting for profit? You are? Then, I have some great ideas and resources for you right here.

Isn't it everyone's dream to not have to go to work every day, to have a job you really love. After all - if you love working at something, then it just doesn't feel like work after all, right?

So - how about crafting? You have crafts you love to do, but how do you make any money from them? Where do you try to sell? How do you find customers? What is the best product to sell?

These are all questions that you must find the answers to before you start crafting for profit, or you may end up losing money, or owning a huge selection of multi-colored toilet roll covers that nobody wants.

If you love to crochet, that may be your path to profit. But which crocheted items will sell? Consider this - women are the main shoppers in the household (in general). You need to find out 'what women want' (other than Mel Gibson in the movie of the same name)!

You might find in many cases that women will go for jewellery, bags, hats, scarves and gifts more often than anything. Those little treats we all need now and again.

Now - I could be wrong here - you need to do your research properly not just rely on these suggestions.

You might think "I can't crochet jewellery!" You'd be wrong! There are books these days about crocheting with beads and wire!

Of course you shouldn't try to sell items that you make directly from patterns - there are copyright issues to deal with.

You can however substantially change a purchased pattern to make it yours.

Here's an interesting article on 'copyright' and 'public domain'. As for finding customers and places to sell your products when you begin crafting for profit, try selling in...

  • consignment stores - they display your items and if they sell, they keep a proportion of the sale price.
  • craft fairs - you would pay a fee for a table or space where you would display your items and take payments on sales.
  • home parties - invite friends around and offer your products for sale. Read an article by guest author Louise Longworth about selling your crafts.
  • internet - eBay is a huge marketplace for new or used products, you just pay a listing fee and a proportion of the final sale price.
  • Passive Income - also on the internet, find out how Luke Gordon suggests you can make passive income from your hobby.
  • Etsy shops are another way you can sell your crafts online. This article by guest author Lisa McGrimmon gives you a comprehensive look at Etsy as an online sales option.

The subject of crafting for profit is just enormous. These are just a few ideas to get you thinking whether you really want to get into crafting for profit, or if you'd rather keep your crafting for fun and relaxation.

Food for thought. Now, make yourself a cuppa, pick up that crochet hook and just start creating. On the other hand after reading this, a notepad and pen may be closer to what you need. I can hear the cogs whirring now.

Good Luck!

What should you consider when you want to sell your crafts?
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