Your Wool Is Waiting For You!

How many of us have stashes of wool? I'm thinking lots! Even if you're a beginner, I can pretty much guarantee you'll soon get 'hooked' and build up a 'collection'.

That's why this site is here - to help you use up your stash, and to teach you some other tips and techniques on your crafting journey.

Talking of 'hooked' - how about learning some crochet? If you're a beginner, try starting with how to crochet. There you'll find how to form a slip knot, work chain and single crochet, all with full color pictures to help you along.

If you'd rather learn a few more stitches to expand your crochet repertoire try the links from crochet stitches. Crochet stitches covers the basics you need to move on to more advanced stitch combinations.

How about felting? What is it? It's the process that wool or animal fiber goes through when subjected to heat, soap, agitation and pressure. Find out more about the different felting techniques available. Learn to felt wool by hand, or in your washing machine.

More information to peruse on your visit is my section on crafting for profit, if you're ready to make money from your wool crafting ventures.

Find details about different yarns, fibers and their characteristics, information about finishing your work well and much, much more.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions or if you'd like to submit an article to this site. I'd love to hear from you.

I do hope you enjoy your stay.


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Here are some fantastic crochet and felting books and patterns! Check them out...

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Yarn or wool? What do you call it?
Yarn - a wool crafters delight. It comes in so many forms, colors and textures, and has so many uses. Each yarn has different characteristics - find out more.
Crochet - working with hook and yarn
Crochet is an incredibly fun and addictive pastime. With a few stitches you can produce the simplest to the most complex of projects. Try it now!
Want to learn how to crochet? Look no further!
How to crochet - easy steps to successful crochet. Start small and build confidence with step by step instructions. Soon you'll no longer be a beginner!
Confused by crochet instructions? Let's see if I can help you out?
Crochet instructions can be difficult to follow, especially if you're a beginner. Full of abbreviations - it's like learning a new language! Let me help you through the confusion.
Basic crochet stitches give you hundreds of design options.
Learn basic crochet stitches and create marvellous designs. All crochet patterns are made up of only a few basic stitches. You can master these with my easy instructions, then get creative!
Crocheted edgings - finish your work well.
Crocheted edgings can be the crowning glory of your work. Learn how to finish your work well, with flair and imagination. Your finishing can make or break your project, so learn to do it well.
Find free easy crochet patterns here! Check it out!
Free easy crochet patterns here. All original designs, easy to follow instructions. Stitch descriptions have pictures to help you. Choose from several colorway suggestions!
Baby Crochet Patterns - original designs
Original baby crochet patterns here. All patterns are new designs not to be found anywhere else. Browse these great patterns and choose some for the special baby in your life.
The Crochet Hook - A Wonderful Thing!
A crochet hook and some yarn is all you need to create the most wonderful garments. Find out how to choose the hook you need for your project.
Crochet Magazines - Reviews
Crochet magazines sometime are hard to find. Let me tell you about the ones I've found, a balanced view.
Crochet Book Reviews - An Insight For You
These crochet book reviews are here to help you decide which to choose. Find graded reviews of my favorite crochet books.
Crochet For Charity - Who Do You Support With Your Crochet?
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Your Crochet Project Gallery
Crochet project gallery shows photos and comments from visitors to who have used free patterns or techniques described on site. See others projects, comment , post your projects
Felted Crochet - for fun and interesting results.
Felted Crochet - have you tried it? Crochet with wool, felt the finished article, see what happens! Great results even for beginners, as felting 'hides' any imperfect stitches.
Learn How To Felt Wool using your Washing Machine! Yes - you read it right!
Want to know how to felt wool with your washing machine? It's easy. Follow these instructions and learn a fun new way to create great wearable art.
Using felted wool isn't difficult! Here's ideas by the handful!
Ideas for using felted wool by intentional or accidental felting. Using felted wool sweaters, or newly felted handmade fabric can be cheap and easy to do. Try it now.
Make beautiful felted wool purses - see how easy it is.
Felted wool purses don't have to be difficult to make. Check out these 4 different methods, then try your own. Use recycled wool sweaters or new wool to create a unique purse of your own. Be Creative!
Easy felt projects for you to try - just follow the instructions!
Easy felt projects - perfect for the beginner to try out a new craft. Minimal tools needed - wool fiber, soap, water and hands. What could be easier?
Wool Felt Beads - easy and fun to make - many styles.
Wool Felt Beads are fun and easy to make. An easy felt project - simple enough for kids to try! Check out these easy to follow instructions.
Needle Felting - Painting with fiber
Needle felting is a load of fun. It's like a way of painting with fiber. Place the colored fibers where you want them, then work them into your project. Find out more here.
Crafting for profit - ideas, suggestions and resources.
Crafting for profit - would you like to make money from your crafts? Check out this great information - ideas, suggestions and resources geared towards the crafter looking to make money.
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