Crocheted Edgings.
Learn To Finish Your Work Well.

Crocheted edgings can really finish your work off properly. They don'thave to be really fancy, but a suitable edging can really make your project stand out from the crowd.

Especially if you're inexperienced with crochet, you may find that the edges of your work are a little irregular. You can easily 'fix' that by adding simple edgings all the way around your project

Some simple edgings you can use are...

All of these are easy to work, but very effective when used with theright project. I made a beautiful tapestry crochet jacket in South Western colors and edged it with twisted tassels.

The tassels really finished it off well. I've had lots of compliments when wearing thatjacket. It's so cosy made in mohair and I lined it too. It's warm as a coat! Ok - enough of that...

Of course there are many more crocheted edgings, but let's start with the easy ones, then progress.

Crocheted edgings aren't the only things that 'add' to the quality of your project. The way you finish your item speaks volumes about yourwork.

It drives me crazy when I get knots in my yarn, as Ilike my projects to look as good on the inside as they do from the outside. I always untie the knots or cut them off and work the endsin later.

Whenever my Mom and I would see an embroidered sweater in a store we'd look inside to see how it was finished. Mostly there were ends and knotsall over the place and we were amazed how much the stores charged for work like that.

Now I'm not saying I'm perfect or a Saint or anything, but I'd liketo think that my projects could be worn inside out and very fewwould notice.

My Mom taught me to finish work so well that at timesI've had problems finding the stitches to unpick sweaters I no longer liked. She now says that I can finish work better than she can - that's praise indeed, as she trained as a needlework teacher.

I'll show you how to crochet seams in slip stitch and single crochet or back stitch seams. You might like to try my small zigzag join too.

Of course, finishing includes your choice of fastenings for cardigansor cover-ups, embellishments on bags or ponchos, pom poms or tassels for hats or scarves, crocheted edgings for cushion covers or afghans, etc., etc. I even show you how to tie a hangmans knot - useful when making tassels for hats.

There are masses of ways to edge or finish your projects and I'll cover as many as I can think of over time.

So, I want you to be proud of your work. Don't skimp on finishing when you've spent so much time on the actual project. Don't's just for me, I don't need to do it that well - all projects deserve the same special treatment.

Take time to finish your projects well with the perfectcrocheted edgings and you'll be wanting to show them off to everyone!

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