Make Felted Wool Purses Easily!
4 Different Methods!

Felted wool purses don't have to be hard to make. You can use recycled wool sweaters that have been shrunk in the wash.

Try creating your own unique design from scratch. It's not that difficult, just check out these ideas and see what you can come up with! It really depends on your individual skills or interests as to which method you choose to make your felted wool purse.

If you like sewing, you could try making a purse using recycled wool sweaters. These sweaters tend to still have a little stretch in them, so it's best to make a small purse with a lining which won't stretch.

You can still decorate it with embroidery or try layering on contrast pieces cut from other sweaters. You can either stitch them on like applique, or use felting needles to felt the fibers together in layers.

If you prefer hand knitted felted wool purses, then use a pure wool yarn. Fiber blends are good too - maybe alpaca or mohair blended with wool. Be aware that the yarn should NOT be 'superwash', as that will not felt. Wool that has washing instructions which say "Hand Wash" will generally felt well using your washing machine. Knit flowers or shapes and stitch them on. Fancy stitches or great color combinations - whatever you like - the purse is your own!

crochet felted wool bag

Crocheted felted wool purses are pretty easy too. Again, choose a wool or wool blend yarn. You could work 'granny squares' in multi-colors, 'textures' or even a 'lace' stitch for a great look. Make your purse your own. If you prefer, you could just work a plain purse and decorate it with fancy embroidery. Use your washing machine to felt your finished purse. I crocheted this shoulder bag all in one piece, then felted it in the washing machine. I was experimenting! I still need to decorate it...but you get the idea.

felted wool purse If you can't sew, knit or crochet you could try wet felting by hand. It's possible to make felted wool purses in one piece with no sewing involved! You could even decorate it with wool yarn or fiber by using only felting needles - again, no sewing involved. The only part you would need to sew is to attach a strap, handles or a button, unless you just want a 'clutch bag'!

I hand felted this purse in one piece with alpaca fiber. I added a braided strap made from crochet chains in mohair yarn. I cut the buttonhole, added some fancy stitching and a voila!

So - that's 4 very different methods of making felted wool purses. There has to be one that will suit you! Look out for patterns appearing as my site grows. I'll be covering all of the above methods - maybe more if I can think of any! Go on, get that thinking cap on, leave the dishes 'til later and get creative! You know you want to!!!

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