Original Baby Crochet Patterns


Baby car seat sleepsuit pattern

Have you been looking for some new baby crochet patterns? Well - you may just find what you've been looking for right here.

These patterns are original designs by me. You'll not find them anywhere else.

Downloadable in pdf format, you can access them and get startedright away (as long as you have the yarn you need). There's no waiting for the patterns to arrive in the mail.

You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access these patterns. It's available from Adobe. Either download and print off the pattern or read from the screen - the choice is yours.

Read on and see if something sparks you interest, then click on the link to find out more.

Car Travel Patterns For Baby

Car Seat Sleepsuit

Please do not copy, transmit, sell or otherwise share any of my patterns. You would be violating my copyright.

If you ever have problems following any directions in my patterns, please fee free to contact me, and I will happily help you to follow my instructions.

Read, browse, enjoy!

Just one more thing...if you love to make things for charities, please read on... Knit a square for charity

There are an estimated 1.4 million orphans in South Africa, many of them as a result of losing their parents to HIV AIDS. The number is growing - over 500 children a day become orphans. This is a terrible and mostly unrecognized human tragedy.

Knit-a-square.com has been recently set up to ask the knitters and crocheters of the world to send an 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm) square or more to specified charities in South Africa, and soon Zimbabwe, where they will be made up into blankets for these children.

The orphans live in terrible poverty. They need love, shelter, food, education and warmth. Many charities are working hard to provide the first four. The knitters and crocheters of the world can provide the last.

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