Hugs from the Heart

by Amy Kelly
(Norfolk, VA)

Hugs from the Heart is a new volunteer-driven program within All-Heart’s hospice program ( and we are in need of volunteer knitters, crocheters and loom weavers from throughout Hampton Roads and across the country to help us make blankets for our hospice patients. It’s a gift from the heart that shows our patients we care about them and the hospice journey they’re on.

To complete these blankets, Hugs from the Heart needs eight inch squares: knitted, crocheted, or loom woven from any kind of yarn and in any pattern. Since these squares are for patients, soft and cuddly yarns are the most appropriate. The individual squares will be joined with other donated squares to make blankets for our hospice patients. It takes 30 individual squares to make a single full–sized blanket.

There’s nothing special to purchase. If you have a selection of yarn that you bought in a rush and don’t know what to do with it, turn it into Hugs from the Heart squares. It’s a great stash buster project, and as crafty people already know, if you use up your yarn, then you’ve made room for new yarn to replace it! Use Hugs from the Heart as a way to learn a new stitch, to practice a stitch that’s been giving you a hard time, or teach a friend how to knit or crochet.

Even non-crafty people can help Hugs from the Heart. If you aren’t a knitter or can’t crochet, you can donate yarn to a knitter, crocheter or send it to All-Heart’s address as listed below. A single skein of yarn will make several Hugs from the Heart squares.

Spread the word! We rely on people to tell people who will tell more people about us. If you have questions, call or email Amy Kelly at 757-961-0049 or

Finished squares can be mailed or delivered to:
Amy Kelly
All-Heart Home Health & Hospice
410 North Center Drive
Bldg. 9, Ste. 102
Norfolk, VA 23502

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