Consign Your Crafts.
An Alternative Selling Option.

Have you thought about trying to consign your crafts to a store? If you're wanting to sell your crafted goods, established stores already have traffic so 'consignment' is a great way to have your products seen by a larger audience.

Here are some points to consider before you go ahead and place your consignments...

  • Check out the store
    • How does the store look/feel?
    • What type of goods are displayed there already?
    • Are the products of a good quality?
    • Will your crafts 'fit' with the theme or products already there?
    • Are the items displayed in an attractive way?
    • Would you buy from the store?

  • Check out the store policies
    • Do you have to supply display props?
    • Can you choose where to place your crafts?
    • Are your crafted items grouped together or spread around the store?
    • Do you price your crafts, or do they note your price then mark them up for their 'cut'?
    • What percentage of the sale do they keep?
    • How long will they keep your crafts on display?
    • How often do they make payments to you for items sold?
    • Will they notify you when items sell, or do you need to check in periodically?

It is not only consignment stores that will display your items. I have had my lined, knitted jackets displayed in a flower/gifts store and a 'Western' style store. Both made sales for me.

Don't be afraid to seek out the owner of a store you like and ask them if you can consign your crafts to their store. They will only give you an honest answer.

If they say 'no' then don't be disheartened. The owners know their stores. - if they think they have a chance of making a sale from your items, then they will accept and consign your crafts.

There's bound to be a store where your crafts will fit. Don't give up because of one rejection, move on to your next choice. Don't be defeated! But...

  • Don't go for the 'big guns' - smaller, more specialized stores are far more likely to take your craft items on consignment. Don't try and get WalMart to take your products - you couldn't compete with their prices and product range.
  • Choose an appropriate store - if you have scented candles to sell, your items won't fit in a ski gear store. If you have ski hats, headbands and scarves, then a small ski store would be perfect!
  • Do not be a 'cold caller' - call first to find out if the owner might be interested in your product range, then arrange a convenient time you can meet and discuss your options.
  • Take some samples - so the owner can see and feel the quality of your items. Actual items are always better than photos.
  • Label your items correctly - some items, such as clothing, are required by law to have labels showing washing instructions. Make sure if there are different sizes that the sizes are clearly shown. Make it easy for the store owner to say 'YES' to your crafts. Consider using business cards as price tags - this way buyers have a way to contact you directly, whether or not they buy the item at the store.
  • Do not 'hound' the store owners - they are busy people. If someone tells you they will call you back about their decision and gives you a timescale - wait for the call. Do not call the day after pleading with them to allow you to consign your crafts. Be patient and professional.

One day that call will come, then you can happily take your items along, consign your crafts and start making money. Rome wasn't built in a day! GOOD LUCK!

Try selling your items at Craft Fairs - they're informal and lots of fun!
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