Crochet Abbreviations
Learn The Crochet Language

Have you ever looked at crochet abbreviations and thought, "Oh forget it!" Yes - it's pretty daunting when you see that jumble of letters which is supposed to tell you how to make that beautiful item you see on the cover of the pattern.

Don't be discouraged - you too can learn the language of crochet. It really won't take you long once you get the idea. Just browse the list below and you'll soon pick up quite a few of these terms.

You'll begin to see that lots of them are just the first few letters of the actual word they refer to. Take a look down this list of crochet abbreviations and absorb the information.

alt alternate
approx approximately
beg beginning
bpdc/b.r. back post double crochet/back relief stitch
CC contrast color
ch chain
cm centimeter
col color
cont continue
dc double crochet
d.dc double double crochet double treble
dec decrease
foll following
fpdc/f.r. front post double crochet/front relief stitch
g grams
gr ground half treble
inc increase
in(s) inches
lp loop
m meter
MC main color
mm milimeters
oz ounce quadruple treble quintuple treble
rem remaining
rep repeat
rnd round sextuple treble slip stitch
sp space
st(s) stitch(es) turning chain
tog together
tr3tog treble 3 together triple treble
unfin unfinished
yd yard
yo(h) yarn over (hook)

This list of crochet abbreviations should give you a good base to work from to translate your pattern into understandable instructions.

Why not bookmark this page so you can come back to translate the instructions for your next pattern.

Good Luck, and don't forget Robert The Bruce...If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. You'll conquer it in the end!

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