How To Flat Join Granny Squares

Flat join granny squares - seam
I'm about to tell you how to flat join granny squares so they will always look fantastic when you join them with a single crochet seam.

It's easy really...instead of working under both loops of the "v" along the edges of the two squares you want to join, you work under the back loops only or "blo".

By joining only the back loops you leave the front loops free. This means that there's less pulling of the stitches, you achieve a flatter result and you get a pretty little edge line around each square.

This also means you have a more flexible afghan, as a single crochet seam can sometimes be quite rigid especially if you are a tight crocheter.

So this is what you do...

  1. Lay squares to be joined face down
  2. Starting at one corner and * matching edges, push hook under one loop (back loop only) of each of two squares
  3. Yarn over, bring loop to front, yarn over and pull through both loops - single crochet formed
  4. Repeat from * to end of squares. Break yarn, finish off, weave in ends.

The pictures below show you the workings of a back loop only seam. As you'll see the "back loops" are those on the outside of your seam.

Flat join granny squares - 1

Flat join granny squares - 2

This method of joining squares is quick, easy, secure and looks great as it lays flat.

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