Wool Felt Insoles
Hand Craft Your Own.

Have you seen the price of wool felt insoles lately? Really - you can make your own so easily too. You only need about 2 - 3 ounces of wool fiber(depending how thick you want them), some soap, hot water, time and energy.

The concept is easy - make a flat piece of felt - the actual crafting of the felt might prove a little more difficult. Try a sample and see how you like it. Practice on some spare fiber first to get a feel for how felting works, as you want your insoles to be as flat and 'bump free' as possible.

You should read about making wool felt first, then come back here to find out more about getting your felt right for insoles.

Some points to consider about your wool felt insoles...

  • measure the outside of your shoes for which you need insoles
    • longest length from heel to toe
    • width across widest part
    • width across narrowest part
  • your wet felting will shrink considerably and thicken - sometimes shrinking by as much as one third of its' original size - depends how long & hard you work it
  • add one half again to each measurement to be sure to have your felt big enough
  • lay out enough fiber to make a felt piece large enough for two of your size insoles
  • be certain that your layers are as even as possible
  • follow my instructions for making wool felt
  • make sure that you work your felt as evenly as possible to prevent lumpy insoles
  • you should also measure your felt as you work it to be sure it will be large enough for your wool felt insoles
  • work your felt until it will shrink no more - that way when you cut your felt to fit your shoes it won't shrink away from the edges and be uncomfortable

Once you've finished working your piece of flat felt allow it to dry completely.

Check your piece of felt for any stray fibers which haven't felted in properly - you should cut them off carefully as they may work into lumps if you leave them.

Now you have to place your shoes onto your felt and draw around them. 'Tailors chalk' is best as it dusts off and won't stain socks or anything. You can have your lines touching as you'll be cutting inside your lines.

Start by cutting only a quarter of an inch inside your lines then try your new insoles inside your shoes and try on your shoes. If they're not quite right, take out your wool felt insoles and trim them again - a little at a time.

Work carefully and take your time to be sure to get the best fit. Trim then try on, trim then try on. You've done well so far, so don't rush the last part as you want the neatest most comfortable fit you can get.

Now enjoy wearing your new wool felt insoles. If you want to wash them after a while - this is how you should do it...