Crochet Magazine
What You Need To Know

Crochet Magazine is the official magazine of the CGOA (Crochet Guild of America). It is a bi-monthly magazine - published 6 times a year.

It costs $5.99 per issue in stores, but they do offer a subscription price of $19.97 per year.

The magazine has a stylish look, which tends to grab my attention - a glossy front cover with an interesting design up front.

But, I have to say that I find the layout a little confusing. When I first open the magazine there's a full page ad for an online bead store. Ok, but where's the list of patterns? It's not until I turn the page again that I find a list of the featured articles - page 4 (still haven't found the pattern info yet).

Turning to the next page (page 6) gives a list of the regular items in each issue. (Still no pattern clues). Then page 8 gives the Editors note and the magazine contact information. Then I'm into a little crochet news, then only after that I'm launched directly into the patterns.

No teaser? No little pattern intro. Actually I found a page of pictures of each of the designs included in the issue on page 97 - about 3 pages from the end. I'd like to see it up front so I can flip through and spot which ones I like right away. Maybe they do that on purpose to make you look more closely.

And so on to the patterns themselves. It seems to me that this crochet magazine is aimed at attracting more of a "trend following" audience than those who want more classic pieces. The designs are generally funky and fun, leaning toward brighter colorways.

I'm sorry to say that Crochet Magazine is guilty of my pet-hate - splitting patterns. The majority of the patterns are split and shown on two different pages. I'm sorry, but I just find that very frustrating. Yet, on the positive side the patterns are in fairly large print and well laid out and therefore easy to read (not all patterns have schematics).

With around 26 patterns per issue at only $5.99 it does give great value for money at only 23 cents per pattern. Patterns run the whole gamut of items - from necklaces to belts, purses to afghans, shrugs to sweaters, skirts to jackets - it's all there.

With some interesting articles thrown in about different techniques, Crochet Magazine is generally a good read and worth the investment, especially if you like to start or follow trends.

So - in short...

  • Good front cover - draws readers to take a look
  • Confusing layout - pattern list right at back
  • Patterns split - shown in two parts on different pages
  • Trendy/fashion conscious/trendsetter designs
  • Brighter colorways
  • Range of pattern choices home/clothing/jewelry
  • Good price $5.99 per issue or $19.97 per year (6 issues)

All in all a good price with a wide range of projects. Enjoy.

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