Smart Wool

Ever heard of Smart Wool? It's made from only the finest merino fiber. All the thicker fibers (over 30 microns) which may cause itchiness are carefully removed.

The merino wool used in the manufacturing process comes from sheep raised in the pristine environment of New Zealand, which has no natural predators and is a perfect climate for excellent quality wool production.

These sheep are raised free range in a wonderfully earth friendly environment. Selective breeding is used to ensure that only the best quality fiber goes into Smart Wool. Research and development funding goes towards improving sustainable farming practices and environmentally friendly processing.

The company is dedicated to the quality of their products and to animal welfare and they therefore pay a higher premium for the best quality raw materials which are prepared to their exacting standards.

The technology they use manages to eliminate shrinkage, making the wool machine washable and dryable, just like superwash. They even guarantee no itch!

The wool they use basically has the same attributes as Merino wool, because that's what it is, but it has been treated so it won't shrink.

So - where can you get hold of this wonderful fiber? Well - I'm afraid it's only available as ready-made clothing items. They do have an incredible range of Smart Wool socks in wonderful colors, and they also produce an excellent range of base layers.

You should definitely check them out - don't you deserve some anti-itch socks and comfy underwear. After all...wool is comfortable year-round - cool in summer, warm in winter. What more could you want?

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