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Yak fiber is one of the most luxurious fibers on earth. It is relatively rare, as there are not too many yak ranches in existence. Yak are smaller than cows and have very long coats.

Yak were originally used as pack animals in the Nepal Region. They also served as a meat and fiber source for the Nepalese. Now the value of the fiber has been realized and they are raised in several other countries where they are also a valued source of meat and fiber.

Yak hair comes in two types; 'guard hair' which is the longer coarser hair which protects the animal in harsh climates, and 'down hair' which is the shorter soft fine undercoat which the yak produce during the winter to keep them so cozy and warm.

The guard hair is used for rugs and rope and more robust and hard-wearing products. The wonderfully fine down is shed in the spring and combed from the coat of the yak.

This down is very soft and fine and compares favorably with the finest cashmere or quiviut.This down is then processed and finally spun into yarns which are classed as "exotic fibers".

Yak bamboo yarn

Yak yarn is incredibly soft, warmer than wool and is also breathable.Unlike wool, the yak's coat does not contain lanolin and is therefore 'hypo-allergenic'. It is hand washable and will felt in the presence of hot water, soap and agitation.

If you want to see more pictures of yak and some fantastic yarns, take a trip to Bijou Basin Ranch. They produce some of the most wonderful yak fiber available in different blends of yak with merino and alpaca, cormo and bamboo.

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